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1. How does psychotherapy or counseling help?

Many clinical research studies have validated that psychotherapy is generally effective in helping people of all ages to improve their emotional well-being, enhance their way of relating to other people, and make desired changes in behavior. Psychotherapy provides a caring, confidential environment to talk about your current concerns and reflect on desired life changes. Additionally, your therapist can help you understand how patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving have developed over time, so they can suggest specific changes to help you lead a more fulfilled life.

2. What should I expect at my first counseling session?

New clients are encouraged to arrive 15 minutes early for their first appointment in order to complete the required registration and information forms. At your first appointment, your therapist will want to understand your most pressing concerns. Additionally, he or she will ask you about other areas of your life that may be relevant to your overall well-being. Generally, within the first session or two your therapist will design an individualized treatment plan with you that describes your goals and the plan to meet those goals.

3. How long does counseling take?

The length of time you will require services depends upon the number and kind of goals that you set and is always your decision. Many clients find that they can meet their goals within a few sessions, while other may need longer treatment. Your mental health professional will periodically check in with you to identify your progress and any additional goals that have surfaced. Some clients choose to participate in ongoing therapy. They find that with its many opportunities for personal growth, psychotherapy may continue to benefit them even after meeting their initial goals.

4. How do I know if my insurance will cover the services at MEA Cares Counseling?

MEA Cares Counseling is eligible to receive payment from many insurance plans. Potential patients can usually obtain coverage and benefit information by calling their insurance company. Some companies require preauthorization in order to obtain the maximum benefits. If you are unsure whether your plan covers services at MEA Cares Counseling, please call us at 601-898-7520. We will be happy to assist you. While patients are financially responsible for services received, our staff can clarify benefit information for you.

5. Is MEA Cares Counseling an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) too?

Yes, MEA Cares is both a private practice and an EAP. An EAP is an employer paid counseling service for employees and their eligible dependents who may be experiencing personal or workplace problems.

6. Is the EAP confidential?

Yes, the EAP service is strictly confidential. No one will know you’ve contacted the program, and your name is never reported to your employer. We will not release any information unless you give us written permission. The only exceptions are in “Duty to Warn” cases such as child abuse, vulnerable adults, or threats to self or others, and subpoenas from a judge’s order.

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